My first blog post!

Lost in thoughtThis is me looking out over the balcony of my humble 2 bedroom flat. It is at this very spot, where I often find myself lost in thought and it was in one of those moments I got the inspiration to start this blog. It finally came to starting my own blog as two of my brothers in Christ, Brent Williams and Craig Ross was constantly encouraging me to do so. You can follow them on Twitter, @Brent007 and Craigross316 respectively.

It was about a month ago we (the family) moved into the flat. My family who I fondly refer to as “my clan” is made up of: My wife Shameez; our eldest son Junaid, aged 7yrs; Bladen, aged 4yrs and our youngest son Rayyaan, aged 2yrs. I know what you are thinking, that’s a big family, right? Guess what, Shameez and I are 30 weeks pregnant (7 months) and we expecting another boy… I will save that story for another day.

Before we moved into the flat we lived at my parent’s home where we stayed in a single room for a little over 2 years. I am dedicating this blog post to my parents, Anthony and Lynette Liederman who sacrificed so much of themselves over the past few years for the benefit of me and my family. My life could have turned out very differently if they had not taken us in as a family and I would definitely not have been where I am today. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you guys have done for us as a family.

Most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for carrying us as a family through a very tough period in our lives. If it were not for the love of Jesus I would probably be in prison or dead!

Stay tuned as I share with you more details in the story of my life…



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4 responses to “My first blog post!

  1. Hilary Mak

    Thanks for sharing this Clinton; I love the photo and I look forward to reading more of your story as time goes on.
    You guys should all write a book sometime soon!
    Love you all so much in Jesus Name

  2. Hi Clinton! Congratulations…and many, many more blessed blog posts. It is good to see life through your eyes and I look forward visiting again. Please give Shameez a warm hug. May our Abba Father continually bless and direct all of your efforts. Lovingly…your Twitter friend and sister in Christ, Anastasia

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