Rayaan’s first photo shoot


Rayaan on set preparing for his first photo shoot

Last week Saturday Rayaan was requested by his agent to go for a casting and did so. The photographer tried everything in his power to get Rayaan t0 smile and he just would not budge, the photographer then just decided to get the best pic he could.

Monday this week, the agent called to confirm that Rayaan was chosen as a feature in the ‘Mother’s Care’ catalogue to be published in the UK. We were naturally excited as this was his first casting he went for and got the featured role. At the same time Shameez and I were also concerned about how he would react on set as he can sometimes be very temperamental. To add to that, on the day of the photo shoot  Rayaan woke up with a fever and we quickly took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with a throat and ear infection and the doctor gave him some medication. When we got back home I laid hands on Rayaan and prayed to God to make him feel better, we then gave him his medication and made him to sleep. Knowing the God that I serve I was not anxious, on the contrary I was a peace confident that Rayaan would wake up feeling a whole lot better.

Needless to say Rayaan woke up his usual chirpy old self and off we were to set. Rayaan had a really good day and it showed in his pics, the photographer was also particularly impressed with Rayaan’s pics and indicated that he would like to use him in future shoots.

Everyday I see the hand of God at work in mine and my family’s life and I think back to the time when Shameez was pregnant with Rayaan. During that time I was still heavily addicted to drugs and my heart was hardened towards others including my wife and children and because of that I refused to bond with my unborn child. He was born on June 19, 2007 and a month later I met Jesus Christ and my life turned around and I started to look at life through new eyes. Since then we have become inseparable, he just would not let me out of his sight and I’m loving every minute of it.

Stay tuned as I’m inspired to share more about my journey… To God be all the glory for great things he has done!



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2 responses to “Rayaan’s first photo shoot

  1. Rene Parker

    I like this post. Very inspiring and powerful. Keep up the good writing skills and style. Loving it.

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