First son conceived and born in the kingdom of God

baby Ezra at one day young

This weeks blog post is dedicated to my new-born son, born on December 21, 2009. Things were so hectic when we came home with baby Ezra from the hospital last week with all the visitors stopping by every night that I didnt have a chance to blog.

We named him Ezra after the Old Testament prophet and his name means; God is my help. My wife Shameez was 3 weeks overdue to the day when Ezra was born and for the duration of the 3 weeks she was getting mild labour pains. The pains weren’t strong enough to bring on labour so the doctors were forced to induce her. They started the induction and 2 hours later Ezra was born.

I immediately took the opportunity to lay my hands upon Ezra and dedicate him to the Lord. Ezra is the only son who was born without any of us (his parents) drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes and drugs. Thank You Lord for a healthy baby and thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support. God bless.



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3 responses to “First son conceived and born in the kingdom of God

  1. Hilary Mak

    I will never forget Ezra’s birth! I was following it on Twitter sitting in the worst snow jam I have ever been in! It was a great distraction from the traffic and awful weather! and Praise God he has arrived safely and I know will be a real blesssing to the family . God Bless u all

  2. When I hear Shameez was overdue I prayed and the Monday as we were following the events on twitter I kept praying. Thank You Jesus that baby Ezra was brought safely in this world! May he be all that You, Lord wish him to be!

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