Africa’s first Social Media Surgery

Saturday, January 16, 2010 marked the day for Africa’s first Social Media surgery and I dare to also say it’s the first of its kind in the world to be held in a public space, that I know of. The purpose of the surgery was to take Social Media to the public to get more people to start engaging on platforms like gmail, Facebook and Twitter. The launch was hosted at Vangate Mall in Bridgetown  where RLabs is situated. Once the first few people sat down to chat to the surgeons other mall goers started coming closer to enquire what the buzz was all about. The rest was history as they say, we then spent the entire day setting people up on various social networking sites free of charge.

setting up before the first mall goers arrive

The team did not really know what to expect or how people would react but we were ready to share our knowledge with the public and hopefully get them to start their journey of discovery in the world of social media. I was one of the “surgeons” on the day and I was filled with excitement when I thought of where I came from and what major role social media played in my road to recovery.

a typical 15 minute session with a client

I found myself in Vangate Mall empowering people from the communities I used to once dis-empower when I was still involved in drug addiction and crime. It has certainly been an exciting epic adventure for me thus far and I know the journey has only begun. Stay tuned for my next post when I share about the new RLabs projects for 2010.



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4 responses to “Africa’s first Social Media Surgery

  1. Brent Williams

    Thank you for this blog post my brother and i could not have better myself.God is really using you and I stand in awe as to what God is doing in your life.Keep up the good work my brother.

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  3. This looks absolutely brilliant. An inspiring effort, sir.

    I hope to be setting up my own social media surgery very soon in Southampton, England. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Again, great job. 🙂

    • Hi Aris. Thanks for the encouraging comment, its great that you gonna do the Social Media Surgery in Southampton. I know there are peeps who have already started with Social Media Surgeries in UK. I suggest you have a look at their blog and get into contact with them. I
      If you need any further assistance just drop me a mail on .

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