Watch out Tarentino here I come!

Last week I had an awesome opportunity to produce, direct, shoot and help edit a movie. South African born Nathan Thys, a filmmaker working in the British film industry for a few years came to Impact Direct / RLabs to do a workshop with us on movie  making. The workshop started at 8am and continued till 9pm and covered the introduction to movie making, movie shoot and editing.

Each person had to come up with a movie idea and pitch it to the rest of the class. The class then voted for the two best movie ideas by myself and Terrence Hendricks and the next step was to shoot the movies. Our deadline was 20h30 for the movie to be filmed and edited and off we went all around the community sh00ting our movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing a Director’s role for a movie, I never dreamed in a million years that I would had the opportunity to say the words “Camera rolling and action!”  I am sure we will be putting our new skill to good use within the RLabs space in taking the organization to the next level.



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4 responses to “Watch out Tarentino here I come!

  1. Brent Williams

    Hey Mr.Movie Maker.Great stuff and hoping you going inspire us to make another soon.Hollywood watch out for this man:-)


    Thank you for sharing Clinton,What Im finding so awesome about this, is that God is busy restoring the nations.It might seem a fraction of what realky happens in the film industries but empowering men of God in all areas of the workforce,gives me goosebumps.Rlabs you phenomenal.God bless.

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