Cape Town Mobile Developers Day

Yesterday I attended the first Betavine Mobile Developers Day hosted at Daylight Studios in Greenpoint. Firstly I must compliment the team on the stunning venue with great views all round.

The purpose of the day was to bring 3 components together to effect Social Change.

  1. Challenges: Local people raise real-life challenges for the community to solve.
  2. Solutions: Developers, NGOs, community organisations and support partners collaborate to create solutions.
  3. Deployment: Support partners help to bring solutions to life by providing local resources

Teams hard at work finding solutions to community challenges

“At the end of the day 10 teams presented some great mobile solutions to real challenges” via @stevewolak on twitter. I’m looking forward to the next Mobile Developers Day, well done to the Betavine team and the sponsors of the event.



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2 responses to “Cape Town Mobile Developers Day

  1. Brent Williams

    Well done my brother.This was one of the good conferences we have been too:-)Looking forward to the next blog post:-)

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