The award goes to…

Me with my trophy for 'Batter of the year'

Friday May 7th was Devonshire Rovers Softball Club annual awards presentation. The theme for the event was ‘Casino Royale’, explaining the attire in the above picture.

The award ceremony started and there was an excitement in the air with all the players excited about the prospect of their names being called out for an achievement award. When it came to the awards in the division I play, I suddenly started to get nervous while trying not to show it (in case I didn’t get an award) and started to get a numbing sensation. I must admit its because I did expect to get the batter of the year award and was already picturing in my mind how I was gonna react when my name was called out. When my name was mentioned it was like everything around me went quiet… I could here my heart beating and feel my palms getting sweaty. It was as if the walk towards the stage was taking forever and when I finally got to collect my award it was as if there was no one else in the room, only me up on the stage collecting the award. It was only once I got back to my seat that everything else came back into focus, not like I imagined it in my mind.

The highlight for me receiving this award was seeing how proud my 3 sons were of their Dad when waking up next morning and seeing the trophy on display. I dedicate my achievement award to my sons who were supporting me at every game.



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9 responses to “The award goes to…

  1. Well done my brother you make us all proud:-)Keep it up and bring home the gold.Great blog post.Looking forward to the next one.

  2. I think you are a better soccer player 😉

    • Thanks Craig. Softball could never replace my first love which will always be football. However at this stage in my life i’m enjoying the softball. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. shameez

    Well done Clinton. You deserve it. Its always good to watch you play. With lotsa love from your number 1 fan.

  4. Congrats!

    It certainly is thrilling to be recognized for one’s hard work and dedication. A great lesson for the kids, too!

    Be blessed!

  5. shameez

    I just showed this pic to the boys and Bladens response was “Yor my daddy is the best”

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