Honouring… my lifestyle!

This past Sunday the world celebrated Mothers Day. People took time out to pamper and honor the Mother figure’s in their lives and give them gifts as tokens of their appreciation.

For me it was a difficult task to find a way to honor my Mother on this one day set aside in the year. The only reason I can put this down to is simply because honoring is my lifestyle so I live like this everyday.

I also understand there are some women in the world who did not have the privilege of bearing a child and so on Mother’s Day it may be the only opportunity for them to be honored by those she has been a mother figure to. I know it’s a different way of thinking but “that’s just how we roll.” These women don’t have children to celebrate the birthdays with and so this one day they might look forward to being honored especially if they are elderly mother figures in the community. So I’ve learned that this day was not just for my biological mother but for any motherly figure I encounter in my life.

This mothers day was also a special one for me because it’s the first one I spent with my mother in law. We have not had a relationship since before my wife and I got married nearly 6 years ago. When I went to their home in June last year to apologize for all I did my mother in law was willing to forgive me without any but or if. It was a great feeling being welcomed into my in laws home as their son and becoming part of the family. In the picture below is my beloved mother in law, Fowzia Jeppe with my baby son Ezra the day he was born.

SANY2425 by you.

My encouragement to the readers are to live in honor. The word of God in Exodus 20:12 says: Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land  the Lord is giving you. Remember this is the only commandment with a promise attached to it so there must be something in that.

This blog post I dedicate to my mom Fowzia Jeppe for her big heart and loving nature. God bless you mom.



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6 responses to “Honouring… my lifestyle!

  1. Wow, what an amazing way to look at Mother’s Day. Well done and keep it up Clinton (the blogging and the honouring)!

  2. shameez

    Wow! I’m sure mom gonna feel so special and honoured when she reads this.

  3. Hadlay

    Great post, thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep em coming soldier (“,)

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