Christiano Ronaldo in the making

Junaid outside the Cape Town Stadium

Saturday morning I watched my eldest son Junaid, aged 8 years play a football match. He arrived late at the field although my brother in law fetched him very early from home, so he was not in the starting eleven. A good lesson for him.

The team he plays for managed to score a goal within the first couple of minutes and maintained their 1-0 lead till half time. The coach made some changes at half time and luckily for Junaid he was one of the changes. The second half kicked off and Junaid had this ‘bizarre’ grin on his face while playing. Within in moments of the match restarting Junaid scored a goal and I probably celebrated more than he did. After scoring he quickly looked to me and I acknowledged him with a punch in the air. It was inevitable that Junaid was gonna score again because he was playing like a house on fire and moments later he completed his brace and put his team up 3-0.

I was a proud, proud Dad this weekend telling everybody about the two goals my son scored and of course I updated it the moment I had a chance to on twitter. I will keep you all updated with Junaid’s progress on the field in “the beautiful game.’


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One response to “Christiano Ronaldo in the making

  1. Lee

    Our Ezra, is 3mnths, so he still has some time ahead of him, b4 I can relate to the joy you’re expressing here. Enjoy every minute of it with your son/s, Clinton!

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