Vuvuzela sound toned down

The Vuvuzela plastic horn have become the unofficial sound of the Soccer World Cup 2010 and have become the talking point among many.

Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo told reporters the plastic horn affects the players’ focus on the pitch.

“A lot of players don’t like them, but they are going to have to get used to them,” says the Galactico star.

South Africa-based company Masincedane Sport who started mass producing the plastic horn in 2001 have come up with a toned down version by simply modifying the mouthpiece.

“There is now a new vuvuzela which will blow noise that is 20 decibels less than the old one,” says Neil van Schalkwyk, a partner at Masincedane Sport.

The sound level of the instrument has been measured at 131 dB(A) at the opening of the horn and at 113 dB(A) two metres in front of the opening, both dangerously high levels for unprotected ears.


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