What the critics of Jabulani Ball are saying

The Jabulani Ball has been a hot topic at the World Cup 2010 soccer show piece currently being played on South Africa soil. The new ‘Jabulani’ ball has been widely criticised mainly because of its irregular flight.

England coach Fabio Capello says, “It is good when you play short passes, but when you try to switch the ball with long passes, it is very difficult to understand the trajectory.”

“The ball is dreadful. It’s horrible, but it’s horrible for everyone,” stated James, an English goalkeeper. He was concerned that goalkeepers would end up  “looking daft” when the ball curls round their hands.

Former England Manager Sven-Goran Eriksson now Ivory Coast boss said that goalkeepers should be consulted when new footballs are being designed, especially for international tournaments.

Sven says, “It’s too late to do something about it in this World Cup.”

Wayne Rooney, who is hoping to score his first goal in the World Cup finals, has denied the ball is a problem.

Green also refused to blame the ball for his mistake, but admitted that it had moved unexpectedly after Dempsey hit his shot.

Adidas have said that the reason for the movement of the ball is altitude. They have also blamed the teams for not practising enough with the ball before the tournament and The world football governing body. FIFA have defended the ball, saying it was fully “tested.”

The way ‘Jabulani Ball’ was designed affects all facets of the game, whether switching the ball with a long pass or a player taking a shot at goal. ‘Jabulani’ could suddenly swerve away and leave a goalkeeper stranded or the ball can be heading for the goal but then deviate off course. Could all this mean that more goals may or may not be scored at the World Cup finals? Leave me our thoughts.


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