Dream your dreams and live

I had an amazing experience this morning, a moment in time I realised “what my purpose is”. I am currently doing a coaching course with the rest of the RLabs team around strengths and weaknesses and how each team member fits into the team.

This morning’s session was an exercise on ‘writing the job description of my perfect job’. We were tasked to just dream for 10 – 15 minutes about this dream job and then putting it on paper. Whilst writing this all down at first I felt a bit awkward  but as I continued it became easier even enjoyable. Thereafter we had to read to the group what we wrote down and when it came to my turn I was really excited to share my dream job and while reading it I felt so liberated,  it was as if I could taste it, if that makes sense. I have never allowed myself to dream my dreams they were always just random thoughts floating around in my head about things I would like to do “one day”. I now realise the importance of dreaming about a life that is different to the my present life and actually writing it down (writing it down helped me to want to achieve that goal).

Martin Luther King had a dream and now we are living in the reality of that dream, he had to endure hardships to make sure his dream became a reality, even to point of losing his life. How far will you go to see your dreams realised? There is a quote by somebody just can’t remember who that says “If you love what you do you will never work another day in your life”, that is where I am striving to and would like to live, how about you?


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