JamiiX used for RLabs Drug Advice Support mobile counselling service

Our young people’s lives are being destroyed by drugs and alcohol and it seems as if there is no hope for them, but here is a story about an innovation that emerged from The Cape Flats offering advice and support on there mobile phones. Amazing isn’t it? Help at their fingertips, literally!

This post is sourced from Technology For Community Empowerment blog (10 July)

Latest research by RLabs and the JamiiX Mobile Drug Counselling support system provided the following evaluation:

– In practical terms, the advisors have the capacity to help more people (n = 27) in a two-hour session than advisors at helplines (n = 4).20 The DAS system aggregates the conversations for the advisors, allowing them to respond to the requests more easily and faster.
– The DAS system enables multiple advisors to assist during a given session.
– When an advisor does not have the necessary experience or skills to deal with a case, it can easily be transferred to someone with the necessary skills.
– The advisor receiving the reassigned conversation can view previous conversations with the client, so questions need not be duplicated.
– The advisor can refer a person in need to any other organisation, and maintain a help directory of available services.
– The service proved to be particularly useful for families of drug users, and they were offered family sessions and help if required

The full research paper was publsihed in the South African Family Practice journal.


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