Introducing RLabs Portugal

This is a guest post by RLabs (Aug 17, 2010)

The last few weeks I’ve been to Europe and what an interesting journey it has been. I was representingRLabs in Portugal at the Annual International School of Digital Transformation in Porto, Portugal and the week was an opportunity to learn from experts and meet incredible people from all over the world. However, the highlight of the trip to Portugal was the meeting with an amazing group of people who have a heart to reconstruct their communities using innovation and technology.

During the week we had a number of discussions and meetings and it is with great excitement that I would like to introduce the world to our FIRST RLabs Social Franchise called RLabs Portugal. The RLabs Portugal initiative will be launched soon in Porto and at a later stage be expanded to Lisbon. Over the next few weeks we will share more about the team and the projects in Portugal. As we celebrate the announcement of RLabs Portugal today you can follow them onTwitter for more updates


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