Online Marketing and the role Social Media plays

Is social media and social media marketing the same? The answer is No, there is a fundamental difference. Both have distinctly different roles and both have their part to play in making a business succeed.

The role of marketing is to create customer interest in products or services generating a strategy that underlies sales techniques and business communication among other equally or not so important components depending on your marketing strategy. Social media on the other hand adds a whole new flavor in the marketing pot. It affords a business the opportunity to personalize its brand and to get consumers and potential consumers to talk about the brand. By doing this you get to hear what the consumer likes and dislikes about your brand giving you the opportunity correct that down the line.

Social media and marketing is like oil and water and no not like the cliché where the two don’t mix. What I am saying is that if oil represents marketing and you set fire to it, it will continue to burn as long as there is enough oil. Now water represents social media, what happens if you add water to that fire? The answer, it will explode. So the question begs, do you want controlled fire that will keep your business going or an explosion that could take your business into the next dimension?


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