My time spent at Club Mykonos thus far

Below is a guest post from Jason Martin. I invited Jason to spend a 7 day holiday with our family at Club Mykonos and these are his experiences so far. You can follow Jason on Twitter.

“My time spent at Club Mykonos thus far

I can’t explain how I feel right now but all I can say is since I’ve set foot out of the vehicle here at Club Mykonos, my way of thinking has changed I always dreamt of coming here, hearing friends and family relatives say things like “Yoh (wow) Club Mykonos is gevaarlik (stunning), you must see..” they go on by saying what they did there and what they saw happening.  A young mans desires from a young age is now being fulfilled slowly but surelyJ. Not to mention but I always dreamt of flying in a plane as well guess what 19 year old young man who has no home to live with his family flew in a plane, and it happened this year, I’ve always dreamt of going to London and I’m leaving the 9th Dec 2010 to spend a month over in the UK surely all this cannot be ignored….

Back to Club Mykonos

I’m totally enjoying every moment here at Club Mykonos, looking out the window seeing the sunset right before your very eyes just out your bedroom window? Hearing the water crashing against the rocks? Lights showing off many boats out on the ocean at night time? Lying on a deckchair outside at night time next to the pool hearing the crashing of the waves onto the shore and looking up at clear sky filled with stars? I could not see myself at this place experiencing all this. there is so much more I never mentioned but hopefully at the end of this holiday I’ll be able to post another guest post on this blog so keep it real stay online to view my conclusion of how my terrific week at Club Mykonos has been.”


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