WTF Media Conference – CPUT October 20 – 22, 2010

I’m looking forward to attending this conference again this year as I did for the past 2 years. Last year I was particularly impressed with the line up of speakers and this year it looks as if the conference comittee went all out once again and this time over 3 days. See you there 🙂

WTF Media Conference – CPUT October 20 – 22, 2010, powered by Neotel, will take place from October 20 – 22, 2010 at CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology). The conference will host prominent pioneers in social media, mobile media and cloud computing.

WTF MEDIA CONF aims to unpack the various layers of the “buzz” term new media, making it easy for the person on the street to grasp. Key social media themes will be highlighted, while using common old garden words to provide relevant answers to real questions as how to use new media to its full potential. Since new media is fast changing the world of media, the conference will be a platform on which one can explore, explain, speculate, debate and be educated and informed, opening the mind to endless new media possibilties. It will also provide access to the online/mobile environment.

Speakers include:


Dave Duarte – Blended Learning: Social Media, Cloud Computing And Augmented Reality In Education

Simon Leps – Convergence Of the Mobile And Social Media

Paul Stafford – The Cloud: A South African Success Story

Eran Eyal – Crowdsourcing: traveling beyond the barriers of Social Media space

Shel Israel – Twitterville People

Yossi Hasson – Wave 3: Understanding The Driving Forces Behind Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 And Social Media And Why Your Business Survival Depends On It

Mark Gray – Recruitment 2.0: Recruitment Re-Invented

Sheena Gates – Personalising Social Media in Business

Justin Hartman – Social Media ROI: Does It Exist?

Vincent Maher & Nic Haralambous – Innovation At Mobile Operators Part 1 And Part 2

Hannes Van Rensburg – Poverty Alleviation Through Mobile Phones

Gordon Parkin – Simbiology – The Study Of Mobile Lifestyle


Andrew Cardoza – Mobile – The Glue Between The Digital World And The Real World

Professor Johannes Cronje – The Role Of Social Software In A Learning Organisation

Andy Hadfield – Online Reputation Management: 10 considerations for shaping your strategy

Mandy De Waal – Writing the new world of journalism

Jason Xenopoulos – Transmedia Storytelling – Building Brands Across A Fragmented Mediaverse

Justin Spratt – A Peak Around The Corner

Paul Jacobson – Social Media: Giving Traditional Legal Paradigms The Finger

Matthew Buckland – Future Of Social Networking: A Concept Investigation With Augmented Reality

Zibusiso Mkhwananzi – The Effective Use Of Social Media In The Marketing Mix To Meet Sales And Marketing Targets

Heidi Schneigansz – Social Media, SEO & ORM: The Holy Trinity of E-Marketing

Marlon Parker – Breaking Social Barriers Through Social Media


Andrew Brand – The Rise Of Digital Doesn’t Mean The Death Of Traditional

Christine Da Silva – Discovering Search Marketing

Matt Visser – Musicians And Social Media

Beverley Schafer – The Rise Of Social Media In Politics

Wesley Lynch – Ebooks and the Future of Digital Media

Dirk Visser – Open Innovation

Ivor Price – I Am The Media: Social Networking And Journalism

Mark Horner – Using Open-Everything And Social Media To Support the Teaching Value Chain

Jarred Cinman – From Websites to Digital Presences: the changing landscape of marketing and media in the digital age

Daniel Neville – Crowdsourcing and Its Effect On The Marketing And Communications Industry

This is the 12th annual media conference organised by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Since 1998 the media conference has covered topics like 2003: CoNextion: The Relationship between Branding, Public Relations and Advertising. 2004: Upfront & Uncut – Can You Handle Free Speech? 2005: Media on Trial. 2006: Women In the Media. 2007: Protect the Unprotected. 2008: Social Technology: 2009 Online.

Early Bird: R2000.00

Standard Price: R4500.00

Student Price available on request and valid 2010 student card

Delegates are advised to bring their WiFi enabled laptop and your cellphone (topped-up) so they can fully embrace the new technology

For more information, please contact the organising committe on either 021 460 4287 / 021 460 9077

Issue by WTF Media Conf Committee

For further information 021 460 4287

021 460 9077

Contact Ms Wardah Peck

Organised by: Cape Peninsula Univesity of Technology



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6 responses to “WTF Media Conference – CPUT October 20 – 22, 2010

  1. Is social sites here to stay or just a passing fad.

    • Hi, and thanks for the comment. This is something I have thought about and I think that social networking is the ‘here and now’ and by the looks of it also the very near future. Social media is always changing and evolving and so there are always new sites that come along that serve a particular purpose. Having said that, one can never be sure about what the future holds, after all in this life change is the only constant.
      Social and new media is the here and now and I’m just loving it, embracing it and flowing with it. Thanks again for the comment 🙂

  2. Joel Epalanga

    Well said Clinton! The ever changing nature of technology, puts some questions regarding the lifespan of certain services, but once again I personally think that even if the current social networking/media services cease to exist, new ones will emerge and as part of the human nature, we will get used to them and try to take the most out them by that time 🙂

  3. Grant

    Hi Clint

    Can anyone apply to be a speaker or not? I am currenlty a full-time BTech student at CPUT and my thesis is based around cyber-bullying and the web via mobile phones, which also includes social networking as well as mobile phone communication applications.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Grant,

      I don’t think that just anyone can be a speaker at this conference however you are welcome to contact a member of the conference committee to be sure. Contact Wardah Peck on either 021 460 4287 / 021 460 9077.
      Interesting thesis you are doing, would like to chat more with you about this. Will email you.


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