Breaking social barriers at #wtf conference Day 2

Day 2 of the conference saw more people turning up and everyone seemed a lot more relaxed than on Day 1. That together with the line up of speakers simply set the tone for a good day.

One of the highlights of the day was the open question and answer session that happened because of technical issues with the technology. While the technical issues were being resolved the M.C on the day, JP Naude, on twitter @jpnaude, showed great initiative by keeping the show going by involving the crowd and some of the other speakers.

All the speakers like on Day 1 were well prepared and passionate about their areas of expertise and kept everybody riveted to their seats with great case studies.

The last speaker on the day was RLabs’s very own Marlon Parker (in pic above) who spoke on ‘Breaking social barriers through social media’. Marlon shared some heart wrenching stories of how social media reconstructed and changed the lives of individuals on the Cape Flats.  By the end of his talk he left many people with a fresh sense of hope. You can follow Marlon on Twitter.



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