What did we do before Facebook?

I am blown away by the amount of birthday wishes I got this year just on facebook. The birthday wishes started streaming in a few hours early but ofcourse I didn’t mind. It just takes one person to make the first wish before the time and there are few others who are bound to follow (this happened to me thats why I know lol).

Anyway enough about that. It was just after midnight that the birthday wishes came in and continued in a steady stream throughout the day and probably still people are wishing and blessing me as I write this blog post. There is no doubt that facebook played a major role in making my day extra special and im sure many others who experienced this will agree. Oh wait let me rephrase that. It was the many beautiful birthday wishes from my very special friends and family on facebook that made this day super special. Thank you to all of you and may all your wishes and blessings for me be multiplied back to you a hundred fold.

I sit now and think back to life before facebook. I cant think what I did before facebook. Can you imagine what you did before facebook?

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