Coming soon!

Last night we had an awesome prayer meeting at Impact Centre. As per usual we first had a chat about life in general before praying.

The topic last night was about the value inside of you. People tell us that we are valuable and that they appreciate us but we sometimes fail to see it and disqualify ourselves. The evening turned out be a very inspirational one where this group of dynamic young men encouraged one another to believe in themselves and to acknowledge the value God has placed in them.

When we acknowledge the value inside of us we automatically break new grounds and push boundaries and when we do this we our bound to meet resistence. But guess what, the word of The Lord says in Isaiah 59: When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. This means that if Christ is in you then you have nothing to fear. The words of Apostle Roger Petersen rings in my ears, “when there is fear God can’t do anything. But when there is faith God can do anything!” Wise words from a wise man.

So im stepping out in faith because of the promises God spoke over my life. Miles Monroe made an analogy of when a new building is being erected for a new business, the sign goes up saying ‘coming soon’ because people have already planned everything about how that building will look when its complete. So to God has spoken things into existence in each of our lives even before we were conceived and from that moment on it is a work in progress. Each and every promise represents that sign ‘Coming Soon!’ so watch this space. Clinton Liederman is coming soon!



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