A sneak peek from From The Balcony

Hi, I am Clinton Liederman and this is my blog. On this Blog I will share stories about my life, my family and places I discover. I will be sharing from my balcony where the inspiration came from to start this blog. I work for RLabs, an organisation with its global headquarters based on the Cape Flats. I am a “Change Agent!

I am on a journey of discovery about what the online world offers. You are free to join me on my adventures in the wwworld and share with me my experiences in life as an ex-drug addict who is transformed, striving to be a “good” husband to my wife Shameez and the best Dad I can be to my 4 beautiful boys. I am a budding entrepreneur and I love Jesus, gadgets and technology in that order.

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  1. anonymous

    Hi Clinton,
    You may not remember me – we were at high school together, but I’d prefer to withhold my name if you don’t mind.

    I sometimes scan Facebook to see how some of the people I knew at school are doing; I haven’t really stayed in touch with many of them, because those were difficult times for me in a different way, and I have since grown quite far apart from most if not all, of my schoolmates. But I still like to see how many of my former friends and acquaintances are getting on, and I’m always heartened when I see that they’re doing well.

    I came across your profile recently, clicked a few links, and found this webspot. I just wanted to say that I’m really impressed by your blog – it’s so well-written, thoughtful, and witty (I liked the bit about the wwworld) – and I am also humbled by the kind of social work that you’ve chosen to do.

    I didn’t know about your struggles with substance abuse – we were never close friends a school – but I realize that it must have taken quite a lot of commitment and courage for you to have come through it all and to get where you are now. I seem to have known so many people who have fallen by the wayside because of their struggles with poverty, and against addiction and gangsterism. It looks like you’re in a good space, and that you’ve built a wonderful life for yourself and your family. Well done, keep it up, and all the best for the future.

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