About Me

Hi, I am Clinton Liederman and this is my very first blog. This Blog is about a graduate of “The Reconstructed” class of 2008, Social Media for Social Change. I will be sharing from my balcony where the inspiration came from to start this blog.

I am on a journey of discovery about what the online world offers. You are free to join me on my adventures in the wwworld and share with me my experiences in life as an ex-drug addict who is transformed, striving to be a “good” husband to my wife Shameez and the best Dad I can be to my 4 wonderful boys. I am a budding entrepreneur and I love Jesus, gadgets and technology in that order.

8 responses to “About Me

  1. this is a very good blog brother keep up the blog posts,Happy blogging!!!!!

  2. Great blog Clinton. Keep up the good work friend.

  3. Michael

    Very nice blog, I find it very good with content that is not far fetched but with real life things that is happening around and in your life. Keep it going, keep it local.

  4. Hey!
    Thanks for sharing my poem -Godgazers- glad you enjoyed it. Thousands of people reading it and commenting On it. God bless you.

    Malcolm Duncan

  5. You welcome Malcolm. I too want God to gaze through me… God bless.

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