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Social Media Training in the location



This week the Social Media Factory under the banner of RLabs are soing social media training wirh Silulo Ulutho Technologies in 4 locations in Khayelitsha and Phillipi.

Today is Day 4 of the training and the participants are doing Blogging. They are all excited to have their own blogs and their own little space on the web to share their thoughts.

Till next time… ciao ciaio 😉


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Grow bridging The Digital Divide

The past 5 days have been like no other for a group of young people hand selected to attend this groundbreaking initiative at no cost to the pilot group. The founding companies of the GROW Academy are WooThemes, RLabs, Silulo, WebGrowth and GivenGain.

The GROW Academy launched its first attack with an initial pilot ‘Boot Camp’ in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Course Outline:

– DAY 1: Course Overview, Ice Breakers, Soft Skills Workshop, Online Forums (ALL)

– DAY 2: Blogging, Micro Blogging, File Sharing, Mobile Apps (RLABS)

– DAY 3: Websites, Web Development, Web Design, Themes (WOOTHEMES)

– DAY 4: Search Engines, SEO, Website Tracking, Site Performance (WEBGROWTH)

– DAY 5: Databases, Communication, Campaigns, Wrap Up (GIVENGAIN)

“I have never seen so many smiley faces (actual smiles on faces) when the recruits realised that they were being taught by the best in the business,” says Rene Parker Project Manager at RLabs.


I had the awesome privilege of being present for the duration of the 5 day Boot Camp covering social and new media for the event. I witnessed how “The Cadets” just embraced the opportunity of a lifetime. One of the Cadets, Jason Martin updated on his Facebook profile “I saw hope coming out of a computer today.”

If this is what The Grow Academy achieved in only their pilot project then I cant wait to see how lives will be transformed and changed when they go all out in battle…

You can follow Grow Academy on Twitter, Facebook and their Blog.


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With Social Media you C.A.N

Today RLabs offered Social Media training to C.A.N a new client in the Social Media Factory. Four representatives from C.A.N came to the RLabs space not knowing much about social media except for them each having their personal Facebook accounts.

By lunch the ladies from C.A.N were suffering information overload after receiving training on Blogging, Twitter and Fliesharing Sites (Youtube, Flickr). Over the next 3 months RLabs will be doing ongoing training with C.A.N empowering them with the use of social media.

RLabs developed a Social Media strategy based on requirements and expectations in collaboration with C.A.N. After a series of explorative sessions it was proposed that a ‘phased handover’ of social media strategy would be done for the organisation over a period of three months. Phased handover includes training to dedicated staff members to manage C.A.N Social Media strategy ensuring goals and objectives are met. You can follow C.A.N’s work on the following social networks: BlogTwitterFacebookzoopy and Flickr.


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Social Media Surgery for the local community

The Social Media Surgery concept is where we go to shopping malls, shopping centre and public places where we provide social media training, advice to the public, non-profits and businesses in the format of a surgery. This is the first of its kind in Africa allowing local citizens to engage with one another and globally. The spot for the Surgery was at the Bridgetown  Community Centre a location that is central and where gangsters hang out.

Early Saturday morning the RLABS team met at the office and loaded all the equipment need for the Social Media Surgery. The cool thing was that we did not have to travel far as this event was to be held at the local community centre in the area. At the community centre we set up our speakers outside to play music and make announcements to attract the crowds. Inside we set up our laptops from where we were going to sign up various Social Media accounts for the locals.

It s was not long before the curiosity got the better of the people walking past and the streamed in to see what was happening. We explained to them what we are doing and they were more than happy to be signed up to facebooktwitter andblogging platforms for free. We have also invited the same people to the RLABSspace in the future to enhance their social media knowledge.

Source: RLabs

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Social Media for Business

Earlier this week the Rlabs team were again offering Social Media training, this time to the business sector targeting SMME’s. This is the first time the team offered training to the business sector. My slot for the training can be viewed in my previous post titled ‘Business going mobi

Below is a list of topics covered in the training program:

  • Background and benefits of Social Media for your business – Craig Ross
  • Develop a Social Media plan for your business (interactive session) – Brent Williams
  • Business going Mobi – Clinton Liederman
  • Social Media tools for your business
    • Twitter
    • Facebook fan page
    • Zoopy
    • Blogging

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Social Media Factory training with SCAT

Yesterday was an exciting day for the the RLabs team who did training under the umbrella of Social Media Factory with SCAT an NGO doing work nationally.

3 Representatives from SCAT were sent to RLabs for training in the following Social Media Tools: Social Media Strategy, Blogging, Filesharing, Micro-blogging (twitter) and Facebook fan pages.

Training Program

  • Intro to Social Media for non profits – Marlon Parker
  • Social Media Strategy – Marlon Parker
  • Blogging – Craig Ross
  • File sharing sites – Clinton Liederman
  • Twitter for SCAT – Brent Williams
  • Facebook fanpage – Clive – Marcus Evertse

The day went well and valuable information was shared that will help RLabs develop a tailor made Social Media Strategy for SCAT.

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RLabs co-facilitates with Silulo Ulutho Technologies

Today the RLabs team are back in Khayelitsha at Silulo Ulutho Technologies. Our roles were very different today. Today we are co-facilitators with the guys we trained up last week.

Its been a privilege to watch these guys in action now training up the attendees in the use of Social Media. There is an excitement in the air with everybody starting their own personal blogs.

Well done to the facilitators of Silulo Ulutho Technologies on paying the training forward and allowing the cycle to continue. Social Media for Social Change.

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