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A life reconstructed and transformed

I came to know The Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on July 10, 2007. Prior to that I lead a life of drug addiction and was involved in crime.

I spent my days scheming and thinking up ingenious ways of making easy cash. There were occasions when I did manage to make little fortunes but the money would never last as I would literally just blow it up in smoke as I needed to feed my drug addiction. I watched my life continue in a downward spiral as I delved deeper and deeper into the world of “organized crime”. Now I’m not one to use cliches but in this instance I will let it slide and make the statement: Crime does not pay!

I lost everything I achieved in life including the things I worked for with my own blood, sweat and tears in a job that payed a good market related salary. My wife had enough of the lifestyle I was living and decided to leave me and took the boys with her and moved back to her parent’s home. Left with no income and having to pay the rent it was just a matter of time before I lost the house I was living in. With all this happening in my life I turned to the drugs to numb the pain and I would not admit I needed help. I made peace with the fact that I was probably was going to die a drug addict, but that was not in God’s plan for my life.

When I came to Impact Direct Ministries for help I met Jesus Christ and He delivered me instantly from a 9 year drug addiction. I then made the decision to go to the “Impact Centre” for prayer on a daily basis and I felt myself being drawn more and more into the ministry as God placed within me a burning desire to help other drug addicts break the cycle of drug addiction. As time passed by I attended various training courses and attended many workshops as I felt the need to equip myself to better assist in empowering the community I once use to disempower.

One of the projects the “Impact Team” embarked on together with IT Lecturer and social entrepreneur Marlon Parker is The Reconstructed Labs (RLabs). Last week I was asked to become a member of the RLabs team in the capacity of Research and Development. I find myself thinking back to the days I was involved in organized crime and where I find myself now. I’ve been given the responsibility of doing research into innovative projects that might have the capacity to change communities where serious drug and gang related issues or prevalent.

God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us. Till the next time, be blessed.


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