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What did we do before Facebook?

I am blown away by the amount of birthday wishes I got this year just on facebook. The birthday wishes started streaming in a few hours early but ofcourse I didn’t mind. It just takes one person to make the first wish before the time and there are few others who are bound to follow (this happened to me thats why I know lol).

Anyway enough about that. It was just after midnight that the birthday wishes came in and continued in a steady stream throughout the day and probably still people are wishing and blessing me as I write this blog post. There is no doubt that facebook played a major role in making my day extra special and im sure many others who experienced this will agree. Oh wait let me rephrase that. It was the many beautiful birthday wishes from my very special friends and family on facebook that made this day super special. Thank you to all of you and may all your wishes and blessings for me be multiplied back to you a hundred fold.

I sit now and think back to life before facebook. I cant think what I did before facebook. Can you imagine what you did before facebook?

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Social Media Surgery for the local community

The Social Media Surgery concept is where we go to shopping malls, shopping centre and public places where we provide social media training, advice to the public, non-profits and businesses in the format of a surgery. This is the first of its kind in Africa allowing local citizens to engage with one another and globally. The spot for the Surgery was at the Bridgetown  Community Centre a location that is central and where gangsters hang out.

Early Saturday morning the RLABS team met at the office and loaded all the equipment need for the Social Media Surgery. The cool thing was that we did not have to travel far as this event was to be held at the local community centre in the area. At the community centre we set up our speakers outside to play music and make announcements to attract the crowds. Inside we set up our laptops from where we were going to sign up various Social Media accounts for the locals.

It s was not long before the curiosity got the better of the people walking past and the streamed in to see what was happening. We explained to them what we are doing and they were more than happy to be signed up to facebooktwitter andblogging platforms for free. We have also invited the same people to the RLABSspace in the future to enhance their social media knowledge.

Source: RLabs

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Latest Social Media in numbers

Below is a guest blog post from RLabs (11 June 2010)…

AS we continue seeing the rise and growth of Social Media accross various industries, it is clear that we are seeing large volumes joining the bandwagon. Below we share some of the statistics proving that Social Media is still breaking ground. How long this will last will depend on how its being used by businesses, non-profit organisations, governments, communities and youth at large.


– It is estimated that Facebook has reached over 500million users.
– People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook and the average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events
– More than 500,000 active applications are currently on the Facebook Platform
– Approximately 250 million users log into Facebook daily
– More than 100 million active users currently accessing the site via mobile technology.

– Twitter indicated that it has more than 190 million users tweeting with more than 65 million tweets a day. (South Africa has 55,000 active twitter users as indicated in a recent study.)
– The use of an open API ensures that 75% of Twitter traffic is generated from outside of twitter.com
– Approximately 65% of the world’s top 100 companies have a twitter account
– Twitter’s search engine gets more than 600 million queries a day. Monthly, this is proportionately more than Bing and Yahoo.
– There are more than 70,000 applications currently using Twitters API

MXit (South African based Mobile Social Network):
– More than 20 million users in South Africa growing at 4000 new users per day.
– Estimated 25 million users log into MXit daily
– Approximately 350 million messages are share via MXit per day.

The above is just an indication of how Social Media is still growing and being adopted by users hungry for sharing and engaging via the web and increasingly more so via mobile.

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Social Media for Business

Earlier this week the Rlabs team were again offering Social Media training, this time to the business sector targeting SMME’s. This is the first time the team offered training to the business sector. My slot for the training can be viewed in my previous post titled ‘Business going mobi

Below is a list of topics covered in the training program:

  • Background and benefits of Social Media for your business – Craig Ross
  • Develop a Social Media plan for your business (interactive session) – Brent Williams
  • Business going Mobi – Clinton Liederman
  • Social Media tools for your business
    • Twitter
    • Facebook fan page
    • Zoopy
    • Blogging

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Social Media Factory training with SCAT

Yesterday was an exciting day for the the RLabs team who did training under the umbrella of Social Media Factory with SCAT an NGO doing work nationally.

3 Representatives from SCAT were sent to RLabs for training in the following Social Media Tools: Social Media Strategy, Blogging, Filesharing, Micro-blogging (twitter) and Facebook fan pages.

Training Program

  • Intro to Social Media for non profits – Marlon Parker
  • Social Media Strategy – Marlon Parker
  • Blogging – Craig Ross
  • File sharing sites – Clinton Liederman
  • Twitter for SCAT – Brent Williams
  • Facebook fanpage – Clive – Marcus Evertse

The day went well and valuable information was shared that will help RLabs develop a tailor made Social Media Strategy for SCAT.

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Social Media: Training the Trainers

This is the first of a 2 part post where I’ll be telling you about Team RLabs who are Training the Trainers at Silulo Ulutho Technologies out in Khayelitsha, click here to read more about Silulo Ulutho Technologies and the services they offer.

Today team RLabs were out once again doing what they do best, “Reconstructing Communities through Innovation.” The team went out to Khayelitsha at Silulo Ulutho Technologies doing Social Media training with their facilitators. The topics covered on Day 1 are listed below:

Another job well done ‘Team RLabs’, looking forward to day 2.


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Social Media Revolution continues

Social Media definitely has changed my life or dare I say has given me a new lease on life. Watching this video has opened my eyes to the reality of how Social Media has impacted and still is impacting the wwworld. This is a must watch video, the stats are astounding. See for yourself.

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