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Can anything good come from the Cape Flats?

Wikipedia descibes The Cape Flats as: “The Cape Flats (Afrikaans: Die Kaapse Vlakte) is an expansive, low-lying, flat area situated to the southeast of the central business district of Cape Town. To most people in Cape Town, the area is known simply as ‘The Flats’. Described by some as ‘apartheid’s dumping ground’, from the 1950’s the area became home to people the apartheid government designated as non-White. Race-based legislation such as the Group Areas Act and pass laws either forced non-white people out of more central urban areas designated for white people and into government-built townships in the Flats, or made living in the area illegal, forcing many people designated as Black into informal settlements (see pic below) elsewhere in the Flats. The Flats have since then been home to much of the population of Greater Cape.”

The Flats have since become a breeding ground of gangsterism and drugs and many other related social ills. Many young people growing up here don’t ever get the opportunity to even get out of the area they live and sooner or later are drawn into gangsterism, the only thing they saw while growing up. However there are many success stories about individuals who grew up in the most horrendous circumstances but through hard work and dedication have managed to rise above their situations and become successful. Its a pity so few these stories are reported in the media.

So my answer to the question above is YES of course there can! Here is a recent Cape Flats success story titled: “Jamiix: The Cape Flats startup thats going global”  http://memeburn.com/2010/06/new-cape-town-startup-ready-to-launch/


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From Gangsters to Social Media Revolutionaries

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