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8 Year-old experiences the reality of God

On Saturday morning while getting ready to take my boys to Tee Ball my 8-year-old son Junaid said to his mom that he would really love to hit a home run in his match that day. Being the great mom she is Shameez encouraged him to pray and ask God to help him hit the home run he so much wanted and they immediately prayed together. We soon left home and headed to the Tee Ball field.

At this time I was still not aware about what happened at home. When it came to Junaid’s batting turn he hit a beautiful line drive through the diamond and the ball continued to race between two fielders allowing Junaid to complete his home run. All the supporters jumped up in jubilation to celebrate with Junaid. It was at this point that my wife Shameez told me about the what they (Shameez and Junaid) had prayed for at home. I immediately stopped and thanked God for answering Junaids prayer and making himself real to my son.

After the game I congratulated Junaid on his home run and also asked him about him praying and asking God to help him hit a home run and he just smiled with me and nodded his head in agreement. We spoke some more about it later on and I urged him to thank The Lord for answering his prayer and he agreed to do so.

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank The Lord Jesus Christ for making Himself real to my son in a practical way and for boosting his faith. My encouragement to the readers is to read Romans 1 : 21.

Remember to always give thanks and you will get more. Be blessed.


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The below post I have taken straight from Brent’s Journey. This blogpost is about how God is at work in my life and I dont think I could have told this story any better. Thank you my brother for sharing. Please enjoy…

“Today’s blog post will not be about me and my journey, but rather about someone very dear to me who plays an important role in my life. That person is none other than my brother in Christ, Clinton Liederman (known on Twitter as @Clinton316).

I’m amazed by the way God is moving in his life and the lives of his family. Clinton is on a journey and has come from a life of organized crime and drug abuse in much the same way I did. Two years ago he made the choice to turn his life around and commit himself to Christ. He is now drug free and living for Christ.

Two years ago Clinton became a volunteer at Impact Direct Ministries where he has worked tirelessly for the last two years. His work, helping to reconstruct our community is now empowering the same community he formerly disempowered. In his efforts on the behalf of others Clinton has begun to realize great things in his personal life. It could be said that he is surrounded by miracles.

Clinton is now married to Shameez who is also a former drug addict who has made huge changes in her life. They are serving Christ together and the work they’re doing is so very powerful. They have three (soon to be four) wonderful, young boys and are together a great and giving family. With personal funds short and having three boys to feed and clothe, Clinton and his wife made the decision to live in one room at his parent’s home. As their family grew they began to feel the strain and pressure of the cramped space…a space that seemed to grow smaller with the birth of each child.

They prayed together about their situation and God came through for them. Clinton and his wife were presented with the opportunity to start a business of their own. Their new business, JBR Consultants, is a debt counseling business that helps people get out of debt. They worked hard at their business in addition to their community work and continued to pray and thank God for every opportunity that came their way. Praise God, they were finally able to move into a 2-bedroom flat a week ago but that was obviously not all God had in store for them.

About a year ago Carl Wills, a prophet from the U.K, prophesied over Clinton and Shameez and told them that by the end of this year they would have more living space than even the 2-bedroom flat provided. He told them they would have larger house with a garage. This started Clinton thinking about that possibility. They have their own place now, but there is no garage as the prophet had told them. He was grateful for the flat but began to visualize the house Carl Willis had seen for him. He continued to worship Jesus and praise and trust Him.

This morning Clinton shared his testimony in church as to how God came through for them. He told us that he and his family would soon be moving into a two-story, brick faced, 4-bedroom house which includes a granny flat….and what about the garage? Yes, the house has a garage just as the prophet had said it would. Clinton and his family are both grateful and excited and will soon be moving into their new home.

Not quite at the level of success to which Clinton aspires, but needing a home for his family, God touched his earthly father’s heart and led him to buy this new home for Clinton and his family. How awesome is that? Our God is real and answers prayers.

I am so glad for my brother and his family and I felt the need to acknowledge what God is doing in his life. This, though, is only the beginning. There is much more in store for Clinton and it’s going to be exciting to see where God is going to take this family next. May God continue to bless them and give them the strength to continue their loving and giving journey. Stay tuned and follow Clinton’s journey as I continue updating it as God continues to work in the lives of Clinton Liederman and his family.”

Stay tuned as I am inspired to share more from my balcony…


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My first blog post!

Lost in thoughtThis is me looking out over the balcony of my humble 2 bedroom flat. It is at this very spot, where I often find myself lost in thought and it was in one of those moments I got the inspiration to start this blog. It finally came to starting my own blog as two of my brothers in Christ, Brent Williams and Craig Ross was constantly encouraging me to do so. You can follow them on Twitter, @Brent007 and Craigross316 respectively.

It was about a month ago we (the family) moved into the flat. My family who I fondly refer to as “my clan” is made up of: My wife Shameez; our eldest son Junaid, aged 7yrs; Bladen, aged 4yrs and our youngest son Rayyaan, aged 2yrs. I know what you are thinking, that’s a big family, right? Guess what, Shameez and I are 30 weeks pregnant (7 months) and we expecting another boy… I will save that story for another day.

Before we moved into the flat we lived at my parent’s home where we stayed in a single room for a little over 2 years. I am dedicating this blog post to my parents, Anthony and Lynette Liederman who sacrificed so much of themselves over the past few years for the benefit of me and my family. My life could have turned out very differently if they had not taken us in as a family and I would definitely not have been where I am today. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you guys have done for us as a family.

Most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for carrying us as a family through a very tough period in our lives. If it were not for the love of Jesus I would probably be in prison or dead!

Stay tuned as I share with you more details in the story of my life…


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