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To blog or not to monetize your blog?

This morning Gerhard Potgieter (in the picture above) well known in Cape Town for his blog iGeek came to RLabs to share his knowledge on ‘How to monetize your blog’. “Never blog just to make money”, says Gerhard “find a niche and build your following.” This is the one statement that stood out most for me during today’s session.

Today I discovered that if I decide to monetize my WordPress blog I would need to get my own domain, that’s what brings me to the title of this blog post. Do I want to pay for a domain as opposed to  my free WordPress blog? Do I want build a following and then monetize my ‘personal’ blog? These are questions I need to deal with that will ultimately be the deciding factor to the question above.

The information Gerhard shared with the team was definitely well received by all present. If and when I do decide to monetize my blog I now have all the information I need and an Adsense account already setup thanks to Gerhard. What are your thoughts about monetizing a ‘personal’ blog?


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