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RLabs Academy 2011

This year has started off with much anticipation for the RLabs Academy providing the community access to professional training courses. There has been such a buzz in the RLabs space about the Academy and we already received an overwhelming response to our courses being offered this year. The RLabs Academy strives to ensure that community members get the best training available to create opportunities for further personal and career development.

We will offer long term and short courses through our network of experts in a wide variety of industries.

The courses on offer through the academy this year are:

1. Social and New Media – programme aimed at individuals who would like to learn more about Social and New Media in a social and community context.
2. Mom 4.0 – programme for women and mothers who would be introduced to Social and New Media tools.
3. Social Media Teens – programme for teenagers where Social Media is used as the medium to teach life skills.
4. Geeky Moms – advanced Social and New Media programme specifically aimed at women who want to maximize these tools. This course is the follow up to the Moms (2.0 & 3.0) programmes.
5. Executive Social Media – advanced Social and New Media programme for individuals who would like to use social media as part of their business or as a career path.
6. Social Media for Mobiles – programme specifically focusing on the use of mobile social media tools. Participants will explore current trends in the use of the latest mobile social networks.
7. Multimedia – introduction programme for individuals who want to start a career or business in multimedia.
8. Mobile and Web Development – cutting edge software, mobile and web development programme giving participants the ideal platform for career in programming.
9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship – programme providing participants the opportunity to explore the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
10. The Legacy Programme – a programme specifically for matriculants providing them with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, follow their dreams, job and business readiness, development of career options, involvement in industries and social upliftment projects and developing individuals who will leave a legacy and be a change maker.

Due to limited seats and a huge demand RLabs will only be able to take 12 participants per course to ensure each participant get the maximum out of each session. If you would like to book a seat for one of our courses please make contact with us online or call our office on +27 21 699 1453.

Watch this space for the new academy website and all our courses are offered FREE of charge to the community.

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Social Media for Social Change – 2010 Graduation

This year RLabs celebrated the 3rd annual graduation for the ‘Social Media for Social Change’ class. The event was held in spectacular fashion at Granger Bay Hotel School. The graduates were accompanied by their partners and they all looked amazing.

“You guys all look  absolutely beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and shiny and bright” said Rene Parker, director of Rlabs as she addressed the graduates.

Rene and Monique Ross from She’s The Geek fame were the Master’s of Ceremony (or is that Madam’s of Ceremony) on the night. These two ladies were also very instrumental in the training and facilitating the Mom 3.0 class of 2010. There were 18 ladies who successfully completed the course. See picture below

Mom 3.0 Class of 2010

The Reconstructed class of 2010 was a bit different this year. This time round the class was opened up to all members of the community who were only available for training in the evenings. This RLabs saw 13 graduates successfully come through the ‘Social Media for Social Change’ class of 2010. See the graduates in the pic below.

The Reconstructed Class of 2010

Bloggers  of year:

Gary SaaimanMelanie Willie and Melissa Johnson – They were the most active on the Blogosphere and all started started their own blogs.

Micro Bloggers of the year:

Megan Hickley and Wendy Jefferies – These two ladies were the most active on the micro blogging platform. The team put Megan to a challenge and she had to get 1000 tweets within  3 day but she did it in 7 days.

Social Media Enthusiast:

Vanessa Martin and Porchia Johnson – These two ladies came into our sessions not knowing anything about Social Media as they journeyed through we saw their growth and how they use Social Media to the max.

Social Media Socialite:

Jackie Biggs – Social Media Socialite was the Grand Prize and Jackie Biggs was the most active on all social media platforms that she has learned during the sessions. There was nothing that  kept her from missing a class. Watch this space for updates on her progress.

Well done to all the graduates of class 2010. Check out the pics of the graduation here

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