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RLabs Academy 2011

This year has started off with much anticipation for the RLabs Academy providing the community access to professional training courses. There has been such a buzz in the RLabs space about the Academy and we already received an overwhelming response to our courses being offered this year. The RLabs Academy strives to ensure that community members get the best training available to create opportunities for further personal and career development.

We will offer long term and short courses through our network of experts in a wide variety of industries.

The courses on offer through the academy this year are:

1. Social and New Media – programme aimed at individuals who would like to learn more about Social and New Media in a social and community context.
2. Mom 4.0 – programme for women and mothers who would be introduced to Social and New Media tools.
3. Social Media Teens – programme for teenagers where Social Media is used as the medium to teach life skills.
4. Geeky Moms – advanced Social and New Media programme specifically aimed at women who want to maximize these tools. This course is the follow up to the Moms (2.0 & 3.0) programmes.
5. Executive Social Media – advanced Social and New Media programme for individuals who would like to use social media as part of their business or as a career path.
6. Social Media for Mobiles – programme specifically focusing on the use of mobile social media tools. Participants will explore current trends in the use of the latest mobile social networks.
7. Multimedia – introduction programme for individuals who want to start a career or business in multimedia.
8. Mobile and Web Development – cutting edge software, mobile and web development programme giving participants the ideal platform for career in programming.
9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship – programme providing participants the opportunity to explore the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
10. The Legacy Programme – a programme specifically for matriculants providing them with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, follow their dreams, job and business readiness, development of career options, involvement in industries and social upliftment projects and developing individuals who will leave a legacy and be a change maker.

Due to limited seats and a huge demand RLabs will only be able to take 12 participants per course to ensure each participant get the maximum out of each session. If you would like to book a seat for one of our courses please make contact with us online or call our office on +27 21 699 1453.

Watch this space for the new academy website and all our courses are offered FREE of charge to the community.

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Team RLabs around the table again

RLabs staff spend many hours around the table discussing new ideas and thinking about innovative ways to reconstruct communities. This time around they were around a different table enjoying lunch at the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict, so they are human after all.

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RLabs partners with World Bank

Today Team RLabs have once again pushed boundaries and ventured into new territory by partnering with The World Bank and handling all the social Media at the ‘Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict’. In the picture below is Team RLabs eagerly awaiting to stuck in and do their thing.

Team Rlabs

During a break RLabs staff networking with other delegates and making some useful connections in the pic below.

Stay tuned as I share more about my experiences at the conference.

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Where is this journey still going to take me?

Today RLabs was priviliged to host a group of amazing individuals from the University of Amsterdam Business School who are currently busy with their Executive Masters in Information Management. The group have been doing a week of training and the project is part of a collaboration with UCT Graduate School of Business. Being part of this programme not only provided our team an opportunity to share experiences and stories but also learn from an amazing group of individuals who are adding value to their various organisations daily.

Group from the University of Amsterdam Business School

I had the privilege of doing a presentation together with Craig Ross about the “Art of Mobile Counseling”. Today I found myself presenting this new form of counseling to people who probably had more degrees than a thermometer and the great thing about it is that in this instance I was the expert. Who would have thought that a group of ex gangsters and drug addicts could add value to or impart knowledge into the lives of a group of highly qualified individuals from Europe?


What has God still got in store for this group of young men and women who once gave up hope on themselves thinking they would probably all die “druggies”…

Join me in the next episode in my journey, God bless.


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The Art of Mobile Counseling training

I find myself sitting in my favorite seat looking out over the balcony and see people going into the mall to handle their business. I see them but my attention is not focused on them, I’m thinking about the exciting 3 days that just passed. This week RLabs embarked another exciting initiative, the world’s first Mobile Counseling training.


Participants representing 5 NGO's

Day 1 of the training workshop kicked off with Michael Abrahams doing the introduction and welcoming the 5 NGO’s after which Brent Williams kicked off the first session with his presentation on “Mobile Phones for social good”. Brent laid a sound foundation for the rest of the workshop giving the participants some background on Social Media and showing them the possibilities of reaching the masses using mobile chat applications.

Before the tea break Craig Ross had a slot informing the participants about the chat system (http://chat.rlabs.org) they will be working on and also getting them registered as counselors. Once all participants were registered on the system the first session was complete and it was time for a tea break.

After the break Craig continued with his presentation on “The Art of Mobile Counseling”. Craig spoke of his experience of being a mobile counselor and highlighted the differences between mobile counseling and face to face counseling. Most of the participants were trained counselors at the organizations they worked at. Craig highlighted 2 significant points: 1) Mobile chat environment has its own culture and language; 2) Brief and to the point less is best, the counselor have to use as little text to get the maximum message. After Craig’s slot the participants didn’t know whether they should be excited or scared.


Confessions of a Mobile Counselor

I was next up with my slot on “Confessions of a Mobile Counselor”, this was more of an interactive session where I asked the participants what tools they thought a mobile counselor should have in their toolkit. In this session I also shared out of my experience as a mobile counselor and also gave them real examples of mobile counseling sessions and how I handled those giving them some idea as to what they would be getting themselves into. After this session the participants were a bit more relaxed and felt like mobile counseling was something they could probably do. They were then given some homework and soon after we had a lunch break.


counselors vs. users roleplay using g-talk

After lunch Michael Abrahams facilitated the “role play” using google talk. The group was divided in two, one group being the counselors and the other group drug addicts seeking help and then changed roles halfway through the session. This gave the participants a chance to put into practice what they had learned in the previous session. The day then ended on this high note and the participants were left with a lot to ponder…

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