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How things unfolded: Net Prophet 2010


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#NetProphet is back

Tomorrow I will be attending Net Prophet 2010 with RLabs team. Last year I didn’t know what to expect being a newcomer to the Social Media scene but this year I’m going there with more of an open mind knowing exactly what I want to get out of it.

The Vision:

Take the most innovative/successful/creative/ambitious thinkers and entrepreneurs in the Internet space, and ask them to share their stories, ideas and predictions for the future in a format that is fresh, relevant and engaging. The result: Net Prophet.

The 2010 Net Prophets:

  • Eric Hersman
  • Sarah Lacy
  • Vinny Lingham
  • Arthur Goldstuck
  • Stephen Newton
  • Stephen Eckberg
  • Stephan Magdalinski
  • Adriaan Pienaar
  • Richard Mulholland
  • Stuart Ntlathi
  • Patrick Kayton

My Twitter stream will be filled with hash tag #NetProphet tomorrow, it will probably also become a trending topic on twitter. LetzGo!


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