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Do or Die: Penalty Shoot-Out stats

Its ‘Do or Die’ time for teams who made it through to the last 16 in World Cup 2010. In past world cups we’ve seen some history making moments from goalkeepers and penalty kickers alike.
Castrol’s team of performance analysts have studied every penalty taken in Europe’s top five leagues and the UEFA Champions League over the last four years plus a number of international matches to create the Castrol Edge Penalty Analysis System thats been endorsed by Peter Schmeichel.

The Great Dane believes the Castrol Edge Penalty Analysis system can give goalkeepers an edge ahead of any expected shoot outs. Below are some interesting stats sourced from goal.com (June 26, 2010)
  • Just 58% of midfielders manage to convert spot-kicks in shoot-outs
  • The older a player is, the less likely he will score – with only a 71% success rate in the over 28’s
  • Left footed players only convert 50% compared to 69% for right footed players
  • Goalkeepers wearing red jerseys have never saved a penalty at a World Cup whereas those wearing green save the most!
  • Strikers convert 74% of penalties, defenders convert 69% and midfielders convert 58% in FIFA World Cup™penalty shoot-outs
  • 85% of players under 23 score their penalty, 78% of 23 to 28 year olds convert their kicks and 71% of over 28’s score their penalty  in a FIFA World Cup™
  • Save percentage by colour: green 38%, black 35%, blue 31%, grey 28%, yellow 24%, purple 18%, orange 14%, red 0% in a FIFA World Cup™

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