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New champions taking the lead




Every Tuesday evening the Social and New Media class happens at RLabs from 7pm till 08:30pm.

There are about 5 weeks left of this years RLabs Academy and it is encouraging to see that the new breed of champions are already taking the Social Revolution to the next dimension.

Kudos to the new RLabs Champions for their dedication and for offering up their time to see hope being restored on the lives many.

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Software & Mobile Development – Registration Day

This morning 12 more people enrolled at the RLabs Academy, this time for the 12 week Software & Mobile Development course that will run every Wednesday from 9am till 12pm. The course will be facilitated by Munier Parker, Researcher & Developer at Mxit Lifestyle. Munier comes with a wealth of experience in software development. He is currently doing research that involves leveraging techniques that use expert knowledge to enable novices to create menu-based cellular applications. Read more about this here…

All the RLabs staff are attending the training and make up the bulk of the class with another member from the community also making use of this opportunity. Everyone attending the class had a chance to introduce themselves and briefly state what the expectations are for the course. First session will start on 09 March in the Rlabs Creative Space.

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Legacy Program – Day 1

There was an air of excitement in the Creative Space while setting up for Day 1 of the Legacy Program. This seemed to be shared by the students and Rlabs staff alike when everybody had a chance to “check-in” during the introduction session run by Rene Parker.

setting up new gmail accounts

The first session was run by Craig Ross who explained the benefits of using Gmail. Most of the students already had email accounts, however some of the students needed to setup new ones because the names they used aren’t suitable in the event they apply for a job. Craig explained that we (the class) needed to maintain a level of professionalism in process of building a legacy.

session 2: "Dream Your Dreams"

Session 2 was run by Life Coaches, Andy and Sue Horne about “Dream Your Dreams.” Andy went on to explain what the students can expect over the next 6 months. Some real life stories were shared about a person who dared to dream their dream about becoming a pilot at 40 years of age as encouragement to the students. Later on everybody had to write down the stuff they all wanted to do before they die and then share that with the group. It was great to hear the excitement in the voices of everyone who shared their dreams.

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, then, you are an excellent leader. – Dolly Parton


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RLabs Academy 2011

This year has started off with much anticipation for the RLabs Academy providing the community access to professional training courses. There has been such a buzz in the RLabs space about the Academy and we already received an overwhelming response to our courses being offered this year. The RLabs Academy strives to ensure that community members get the best training available to create opportunities for further personal and career development.

We will offer long term and short courses through our network of experts in a wide variety of industries.

The courses on offer through the academy this year are:

1. Social and New Media – programme aimed at individuals who would like to learn more about Social and New Media in a social and community context.
2. Mom 4.0 – programme for women and mothers who would be introduced to Social and New Media tools.
3. Social Media Teens – programme for teenagers where Social Media is used as the medium to teach life skills.
4. Geeky Moms – advanced Social and New Media programme specifically aimed at women who want to maximize these tools. This course is the follow up to the Moms (2.0 & 3.0) programmes.
5. Executive Social Media – advanced Social and New Media programme for individuals who would like to use social media as part of their business or as a career path.
6. Social Media for Mobiles – programme specifically focusing on the use of mobile social media tools. Participants will explore current trends in the use of the latest mobile social networks.
7. Multimedia – introduction programme for individuals who want to start a career or business in multimedia.
8. Mobile and Web Development – cutting edge software, mobile and web development programme giving participants the ideal platform for career in programming.
9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship – programme providing participants the opportunity to explore the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
10. The Legacy Programme – a programme specifically for matriculants providing them with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, follow their dreams, job and business readiness, development of career options, involvement in industries and social upliftment projects and developing individuals who will leave a legacy and be a change maker.

Due to limited seats and a huge demand RLabs will only be able to take 12 participants per course to ensure each participant get the maximum out of each session. If you would like to book a seat for one of our courses please make contact with us online or call our office on +27 21 699 1453.

Watch this space for the new academy website and all our courses are offered FREE of charge to the community.

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