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Social Media Training in the location



This week the Social Media Factory under the banner of RLabs are soing social media training wirh Silulo Ulutho Technologies in 4 locations in Khayelitsha and Phillipi.

Today is Day 4 of the training and the participants are doing Blogging. They are all excited to have their own blogs and their own little space on the web to share their thoughts.

Till next time… ciao ciaio 😉

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With Social Media you C.A.N

Today RLabs offered Social Media training to C.A.N a new client in the Social Media Factory. Four representatives from C.A.N came to the RLabs space not knowing much about social media except for them each having their personal Facebook accounts.

By lunch the ladies from C.A.N were suffering information overload after receiving training on Blogging, Twitter and Fliesharing Sites (Youtube, Flickr). Over the next 3 months RLabs will be doing ongoing training with C.A.N empowering them with the use of social media.

RLabs developed a Social Media strategy based on requirements and expectations in collaboration with C.A.N. After a series of explorative sessions it was proposed that a ‘phased handover’ of social media strategy would be done for the organisation over a period of three months. Phased handover includes training to dedicated staff members to manage C.A.N Social Media strategy ensuring goals and objectives are met. You can follow C.A.N’s work on the following social networks: BlogTwitterFacebookzoopy and Flickr.


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Social Media Strategies for all

As most organisations have staff and clients making use of Social Media, adopting a strategy for engagement and marketing should be considered to maximise the use of these powerful tools. A few questions to ask before making use of Social Media in your organisations are:

– Where are your customers having their conversations? Are they online?
– Are you willing to manage and engage with your clients through Social Media tools?
– Are you ready to deal with critism?
– How do you integrate this in your organisation and make it part of daily activities?
– What are you willing to invest and what are you expecting in return?
– How will you measure results of Social Media strategy?
– What are your timelines for using Social Media in the organisation?
– How will Social Media be part of your current marketing and communication strategies?

Source: Social Media Factory

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Social Media Workshop for Civil Society

Today team RLabs are facilitating yet another training workshop, ‘Social Media Workshop for Civil Society’ falling under the Social Media Factory. This workshop is aimed at but not restricted to NGO’s, showing them how they could possibly use Social Media in their organizations.

Myself talking on how NGO's can use Facebook

Today is another milestone in my quest to change the world, ‘Social Media for Social Change’. Watch this space!

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Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict

This week Team Rlabs will be partnering with The World Bank who are hosting the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict. The event will be held in Cape Town and RLabs and its Social Media Factory project have been elected as the Social Media Partner for the World Bank’s conference.

The team spent many working hours preparing and are keyed up for the event. I’ve been doing some research to familiarise myself with The Innovation Fair Selected Projects. You can expect to see lots of tweets in my stream on Wednesday and Thursday with the hash-tag #InnovFair and I’ll be interviewing people at the event and uploading the vids to Innovation Fair.

I will be sharing more about my experiences at the event over the next few days, God bless.

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